Sunday, 29 December 2013

A useful resource for our project

I have just finished reading Researching Student Learning in Higher Education: A social realist approach, by Jennie Case (Routledge, 2013). This book is a useful resource for our project. Firstly, She writes lucidly and she explains the work of Margaret Archer really clearly. She also brings this together with the work of realists on the curriculum, ie. Bernstein and Maton. So for people who struggle to read Margaret Archer's work, this is a good way in. Secondly, I found the way Jennie discusses student agency interesting, and the fact that she brings this together with considerations of how to make the engineering curriculum more accessible for students. This is towards the end of the book. This is also closer to an interest I have, in how to make links between issues of agency and issues of knowledge and - to use a term of Archer - 'knowledgeability'. This is the kernel of the matter regarding social justice in education, both regarding students, and academics themselves.

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